Although the climate varies throughout the year, it is great to visit The Valley all year round. 


The hottest time of the year is mid-December to the end of February when temperatures on the odd occasion can reach early 40 degrees Celsius.  During this time, the sun comes up very early and sets late.


You will experience long sunny days swimming, hiking and relaxing. If you are lucky, the experience of a fresh thunderstorm cooling the valley is something very special and rewarding to enjoy.

The turn of seasons,  autumn; April/May and Spring; September/October are our personal favourite. The mild temperatures are comfortable and the flowers in Spring can be quite spectacular.


Winters on the other hand are special and cosy. The winter day temperatures are mild and you can wear summer clothes, but the days are short and it can become quite chilly at night.


However, nothing beats a beautiful chilly evening in front of a woodburning fireplace, a nice bottle of red wine or warm comforting beverage and good company.


In season you may be fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some of our fresh fruit directly from the trees.


All considered, an outside braai (barbeque) all year round under the starlit sky is always possible.

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