The Valley is home to the famous “Ladder Hike” – a steep mountain path that the “Old Klowers” and their donkeys used back in the day to carry their dry fruit, onion seed and other produce, grown in the valley, to trade with the outside world for other necessities.


Along your hike, you may also be lucky to see Kudu, Klipspringer, large variety of the already 150 bird species recorded and if you are exceptionally blest you may come across fresh leopard spoor.


The Ladder is situated on Kleinberg ±5km hike from the cottages.

For the even more adventures, we do offer an opportunity to explore this gem between the mountains further.  You can explore the most breathtaking gorges, mountains and stunning rock pools tucked away deeper in the valley.


However, to be privileged to this experience, you need to be prepared to hike quite a distance on our farm which may also include some bundu-bashing and “Klofing”.  


Please contact us and we will assist you with most needed additional information and guidance.

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